Best Marijuana Seeds USA for 2022

We have the updates list for the best marijuana seeds in the USA for the year 2022. Competition is fierce this year, and these top 10 seed banks prevail in 2022.

Take notice how British Columbia Seed Bank is always in the top spot. They spend, by far, the most money on cannabis genome research and development. This has lead them to breed the world's best marijuana seeds.

Reliable American Seed Banks Last Updated Sunday August 28th, 2022

Here's the list of Reliable American Seed Banks that are shipping the Best Marijuana Seeds in America in 2022. Here are the most trustworthy USA seed banks selling the best marijuana seeds. Have them shipped directly to your home in the USA, Australia, Canada and everywhere else in the world.

No. 1

Best Marijuana Seeds

Best Rated Seed Bank For 2022

No. 2

Best Marijuana Seeds

Best Rated Seed Bank For 2022

No. 3

Best Marijuana Seeds

Best Rated Seed Bank For 2022

#1 Seed Bank For 2022

The world's number one cannabis seed bank for 20 Years running. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is your #1 choice for buying the best marijuana seeds online.

They have the experience to get your seeds delivered quickly no matter which part of the world you're living. They'll ship discretely worldwide. Using up-to-date stealth shipping methods to ensure your privacy and safety.

You can access all the world's best strains including 2022's most popular marijuana strain Pot of Gold Feminized. Other popular strains are their Green Crack, Girl Scout Cookies and their famous Candy Kush.

  • Excellent seed bank
  • Free feminized seeds with your order
  • Large payment options like credit card, debit card, bank transfer and discount pricing for BitCoins Western Union and cash orders
  • The world's most reliable seed banks for over 20 years.
  • Stealth  shipping
  • Discrete credit card purchase statement
  • Guaranteed Delivery with 100% money back


#1 Seed Banks Most Popular Strains For 2022

My personal favourite strain to smoke from AMS is their XTRM White Widow Feminized and to make profits growing bulk is their new strain Mega Jackpot Feminized.

XTRM WHITE WIDOW is something every pothead must try. It gives my head a trip I never thought possible from weed. A completely psychedelic trip. The most amazing lucid dreams in vivid colour.

Known as a favourite smoke for the creative types. It helps them generate all new idea's for art and writing. Even famous screen plays have been written with the help from this strain. A must have strain for 2022.

#2 Best Marijuana Seeds For 2022

BC Seeds is our top seed bank pick if they had enough seeds in stock all year round. They're in such demand you'll often be placed on a waiting list to obtain thier famous British Columbia strains.

New strain releases this year include Space-Buzz Continuum Bud, Sky Heaven Bud, Never Dies Cannabis Plant, Sea Walker Bud, and Sky Haze Continuum Bud.

BC Seeds Ships Worldwide

They offer a 100% delivery guarantee, which is very rare to find in this industry. Well known for their speedy email responses and generously giving you expensive strains as your freebies.

Seed Bank Doing Genome Reasearch & Development

Having todays hottest strains leaves them often sold out placing customers on a waiting list. Sometimes their research is so indepth, they close periodically for research. But the last time they did that was in the summer of 2021. No other seed bank spends so much time and efforts developing the next latest and greatest strains, leaving their competition in the dust. Elephant bud is by far their most famous strain of all time, selling over a million of Elephant Bud seeds since 2008.

Best Marijuana Seeds on Earth

We have ordered many strains including Realm Awakening Bud which we found to be the best strain on Earth. Popular BC Seed strains include their Medical Mix, Sour Diesel, Galaxy God Bud, Infinity Bud, Indica 50 and Infinite Euphoria.

They're the only seed banks pouring tons of money into genome research. Being the first to create the worlds first genetically modified cannabis. Strains like Sky Heaven Bud have taken first place for the world's strongest weed.

With Canada about to legalize cannabis in 2018, people are getting ready to grow up to 4 plants legally. And they want to grow the largest plants as possible all year round. That's why so many are choosing BC Seeds Forever Buds. It's the genetically modified marijuana that flowers forever, providing unlimited buds.

Ethical Canadian Seed Bank

BC Seeds is a very reliable seed bank with a great selection of seeds including feminized seeds. They have been around since 1998 and are run by honest ethical people which happen to be the most advanced cannabis breeders on the planet.

BC Seeds 100% Delivery Guarantee

Speedy shipping and fair prices for the gentics you get with high germination rates. You should expect 100% germination rates with mostly females sprouting if you follow thier germination techniques. We had all 34 seeds of thier germinate and 32 of them were females.

They are really, really fast at shipping and very discrete. They only accept cash and guarantee your cash order if you use tracking. If you're worried about ordering online, these guys are by far the best and they have the heaviest yielding BC Bud genetics.

Most Famous Strains on Earth

BC Seeds are creators of the famous Galaxy God Bud, Elephant Bud, Infinite Euphoria Bud and Infinity Bud to name a few. Lately, it has been impossible to order from them due to their constant research and development. The owner will not hire anyone to help with production, so when the owner is in research mode, their products are not always available.

The good news is, that when they are finished with researching, thier cannabis strains are so amazing in quality and so far beyond the competition. Count yourself as lucky if you're able to get your hands on any strains they produce. They always sell out fast and sometimes have at least 1 year waiting list. For some strains, I've heard of customers waiting over 3 years to get their hands on it. All good things come to those who wait, but three years is a very long time to wait.

#3 Best Seed Bank For 2022

Legends seeds is the world's most ethical seed bank. Established in Canada by Red, Legends Seeds has been providing the world with the best marijuana seeds and customer service since 1999.

Update; Red moved to Amsterdam so he can now ship more quickly to the USA ,Australian and New Zealand. Canadian order will take an extra 2 days. It's actually faster to ship to the USA from Holland than from Canada. Now orders to the USA and Australia normally take just 3-4 business days. Red offers global stealth shipping.

Most Ethical Guy in Cannabis

Red is the authority on cannabis and his marijuana seed bank has never been as busy as it is today. Because of Red's continuous ethical delaings with the public for almost 20 years, Legends Seeds is considered America's best marijuana seed bank. most of Red's customers first came to him after first being scammed by unethical and shady seed banks.

NOTE: Legends Seeds made a huge comeback in 2016 after taking a year off to battle cancer in 2015. He has released new powerful strains that he bred while undergoing chemotherapy.

World Famous Strains LUI (Legends Ultimate Indica)

Red is world famous for breeding Legends Ultimate Indica years ago. Now he just released Legends Ultimate Immortal and Legends Ultimate Haze.

Open since 1999, Red has a rock solid reputation for being ethical, he now operates in Amsterdam so he can ship worldwide including to the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Newzealand. He ships worldwide, even US soldiers in Afghanistan order their seeds from Red.